New Children’s Book Idea – Creative Learning is Fun!

New Children’s Book Idea - Creative Learning is Fun!By E. Brown

Here is a project I have worked on for a children’s book. The book is for the Pre-K through Kindergarten markets. It covers character development while also teaching about fireflies. The idea spawned from a friend and fellow writer who saw her young children reading either books for entertainment or books to learn, but nothing that bridged both worlds in this younger demographic.

For the illustrations I used a mixed media approach. I liked the bold and textured style of Chinese painting techniques over watercolor backgrounds and color pencil. I used a few digital enhancements on some of the drawings, but for the most part I wanted the energy of the drawing and painting to come through.

The main character’s name is L.B., short for Lightening Bug. He narrates the story and gives background information about fireflies, glow worms, and lightening bugs. He talks about the special characteristics and talents of his species and how, like him, children have special abilities and talents too.

New Children’s Book Idea - Creative Learning is Fun!At this time no publisher has shown interest. We may look at creating an eBook of L.B.

All the focus group information shows this to be right on target. It is fun, entertaining, and captivates the attention of children while teaching them at the same time. I recently presented the book (in story board format) to my son’s kindergarten class. All the kids loved it! Too bad I didn’t have plush dolls of L.B. to give away afterward. Maybe some day, huh?

Let me know your thoughts about L.B. in the comment section below. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “New Children’s Book Idea – Creative Learning is Fun!

  1. Pam Rowlett says:

    Dear Mr.Brown,

    I’m a preschool teacher in Illinois. I was looking for a jellyfish craft and accidently came across this website about L.B. It’s a great idea for a children’s book.
    I’m just brainstorming, but I think a Lighting Bug puppet would be an added bonus.
    Kids love stuff like that.
    Good Luck!

  2. Pam, what a great idea! It would be fun to have a small battery that could light up a light bulb for a tail…hmmm, you’ve given me somethings to think about.

    Thanks for your kind comments and keep teaching!! -eb

  3. Amy says:

    Have you tried BubbleGum press? I have a great friend that wrote an awesome book for girls based on Christian principles called “Princess Bubble” and BubbleGum Press was her publisher. Your pictures are beautiful!

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