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Great Japanese Monster Collection
From BoingBoing, comes this wonderful collection of Japanese monster figures made by Bandai. A wonderful display of creativity and design.
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iPhone With More Memory. Apple Almost Has It Right.
The “cool factor” is starting to wane and many iPhone adopters see their friends with inexpensive phones and iPod’s with lots more memory that still get the job done.
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New Children’s Book Idea
Here is a project I have worked on for a children’s book. The book is for the Pre-K through Kindergarten markets.
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5 Keys To Success In Work And Life
Although these 5 keys were originally aimed at the workplace, you will see that they have application across the broader spectrum of life.
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WeirdGuy Blog In The Top 10 Blogs To Boost Your Learning
Amir Ahmad from Passion-Based Learning, recently posted The Ultimate List of 50 Kick Ass Blogs To Boost Your Learning Experience
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Bring Back The Word “Sticky”
Sticky was a word used to describe a Web sites combination of architecture, UI, and content. If a site was sticky it kept the attention of visitors. Today I use the word sticky…
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