What do you think–is there a trend toward authentic products and services? Are consumers clamoring for more authenticity from you? How can you innovate and show yourself as real and relevant?Read what Innovate On Purpose had to say about this topic. See below.
clipped from innovateonpurpose.blogspot.com
Driving to work listening to NPR this morning, I heard an interview with two pollsters who were talking about the presidential race. What was interesting to me was that one of the most important aspects of the campaigns, and the candidates, was the concept of authenticity.
I think there’s a trend forming – not just in politics but in all facets of life in the US. Things have become so packaged, so commercialized, that many of us yearn for something that is more original, more meaningful, more..dare I say it..authentic.
So, if there is a trend toward seeking products and services that are “authentic”, what can that mean for your business? Your marketing needs to reflect your status in the industry and the intent and history of the business.
However, authenticity isn’t really a “fad” or trend, and will be hard to claim as your own if your firm is merely a follower. To be authentic, you’ll need to make a claim or stake out some turf and defend it.