Writing about learning, innovation, and fun, I had to include the new game being developed by Eskil Steenberg. This is a game that learns while the players and developers do too. Follow the link to learn more about LOVE.
clipped from www.boingboing.net

Eskil Steenberg is a solo game-developer who’s bent on creating an entire massively multiplayer online world single-handedly, using procedural generation techniques that cause the game to build itself by starting with clever rules and exploring them outwards. Based on the reports at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, it sounds like Steenberg’s really got something, and the screenshots are drop-dead knockout gorgeous.

The game itself, dubbed Love (as in For The Love Of Game Development), is an exploration-based moderately-multiplayer FPS with astounding impressionistic visuals and a procedurally generated universe. Since Steenberg is a one man show, he’s relying on clever maths to build the world for him and then clever gamers to come in and help him figure out where to take it, and what to do with it.

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