Creative Parent Training

By E. Brown

While at dinner last night with some friends the topic of children came up. I have two children and love them both dearly. The couple we were dining with are newly weds and have been thinking about having children. I wish I had seen these books prior to last night. From Wry Baby comes two hilarious parental training books: Safe Baby Pregnancy Tips and Safe Baby Handling Tips. The authors, David and Kelly Sopp, use creativity and illustration to equip expecting and new parents with the do’s and dont’s of child raising. Grab your own copies today and start learning!

Oh yes, remember – have fun!

Creative Parent Training

Creative Parent Training

7 thoughts on “Creative Parent Training

  1. We were at my in-laws for a family dinner. I bent over to pick something up from the floor, and she said really loudly, “Wow! Your a&$ got so big!” I felt sick. I didn’t know whether to laugh… at her rudeness or cry. I just left the room instead. Wish I had read this article before then

  2. Actually, my LANDLADY didn’t even know I was pregnant until I was in the hospital the day after having my son. She is a nurse there and my boyfriend saw her and told her the news and she was shocked that she hadn’t noticed I was pregnant at all. lol, and I’d been living here the whole 9 months.

  3. I stumbled upon this site from looking over Google and just wanted to say thank you for this interesting webpage on Emetophobia. My daughter actually suffers with this disorder and this may help them out. Thank you again!

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