Big Buck Bunny
By E. Brown

I first wrote about “Peach” last December around Christmas time. I was inspired by the collaborative approach the film makers took in creating this 3D movie. Afterward, some of you asked me to keep you updated on the project. So, here we are…

In February ’08 the movie was christened with the name Big Buck Bunny after it’s main character — Big Buck, of course. The producers and developers were very excited to make this announcement — the project had become much more viable.

Now, after much work and rendering, the movie is about to be premiered. If you happen to be in Amsterdam on April 10th you might stop by the doors of Cinema Studio K and beg for them to let you into the showing, dinner, and party. If you’re like me and will not be anywhere near the Netherlands on that date, feel free to stop by the Peach blog and pre-order your version of the movie. While there, you can also catch up on the final details of the making of the film and watch several videos about the collaborative effort.

Have fun!

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