Could New Movie Be Too Much Star Wars?

Not according to George Lucas, but what will the fans think?What do you think? Comment below.
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Set in the years between episodes II and III — “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith” — of the big-screen “Star Wars” chronicle, the movie and series present fresh adventures of Jedi warrior Anakin Skywalker, his mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and other colleagues.
The movie introduces a female Jedi, Ahsoki, who is Anakin’s young apprentice.
“It’s like ‘Band of Brothers’ in space, with Jedi,” Lucas, 63, said. “You can tell lots of stories. They come up all the time.”
He also is moving forward with a live-action “Star Wars” TV show focusing largely on new characters removed from the Skywalker family. That show will be set in the decades between “Revenge of the Sith” and the period when the original film, 1977’s “Star Wars,” takes place.
So can fans ever get enough of “Star Wars”?
“I don’t know,” Lucas said. “I’m thankful every year that it keeps going.”

3 thoughts on “Could New Movie Be Too Much Star Wars?

  1. I would like to see a movie based around the emperor and how he came to power.

    Probably a t.v. series is the best way to go…but make it ‘fuller’ than most t.v. shows.
    You know a cross between mini-series and a movie.

    t.v. series are long, drawn out just to fill in season.
    A mini series allows you the room you need, no less and no more, to get your point across with as many story lines as you need.

    A movie is overkill between the 2. I think movies need to be key high points.
    Trilogies are about as long as they need to go. (shrek goes 4th probably will tank out as the 3rd one showed weakness. i.e., no new characters/main like the transition from movie one to movie two which made the 2nd movie stand out…unusual for a trilogy or sequel.)

    But this is Georges gig…so it will have the George flavor to it and he will do as he feels he needs. I guess we will wait and see.

    Personally I feel the first 3 movies are missing a bit and not well polished.
    Its the only movies where Ian McGReggor and Liam Neeson (well all the actors) look like they have no ability to act. (Compared to other movies.) I realize he was going for the stoic look, but it doesnt mean stoics are dry. ;)

    Thanks for the post Eric, didnt know this was in the pipe.



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