Top 10 Excuses To Stay In A Bad Workplace

I just saw this article at The Chief Happiness Officer. After having recently talked with friends that are in bad work environments, I thought this would be appropriate to post. Enjoy!

If you’re unhappy at work, I’m sure that the thought “Man, I really should quit!” crosses your mind occasionally.

So why don’t you?

Even if you long desperately to quit, to get away from your horrible workplace, annoying co-workers or abusive managers, you may hesitate to actually do anything about it, because right on the heels of that impulse come a lot of other thoughts that hold you back from quitting.

Each of these excuses may sound to you like the voice of sanity, offering perfectly good reasons why it is in fact better to stay and endure that bad job just a little longer, but look a little closer, and they don’t really hold up. What they do instead is keep you trapped in a job that is slowly but surely wearing you down.

Here are 10 of the most common bad excuses for staying in a bad job.

#1 “Things might get better”

That jerk manager might be promoted out of there. That annoying co-worker could quit.That mound of overwork could suddenly disappear.

On the other hand, things might also get worse. Or they might not change at all. If you’ve already done your best to improve your job situations and nothing’s happened, just waiting around for things to improve by themselves make little sense.

#2 “My boss is such a jerk but if I quit now, he wins.”

Who cares. This is not about winning or losing, this is your life. Move on, already.

#3 “I’m not a quitter.”

Well guess what these somewhat successful people have in common: Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Tiger Woords, Reese Witherspoon, John McEnroe and John Steinbeck?


One thought on “Top 10 Excuses To Stay In A Bad Workplace

  1. Deshon L says:

    A few years backI had a good job as a medical instructor I was going through a period of depression. I attributed it to my job. I just felt that the hours were very long and that management was asking a lot of us without us getting what we needed in return So I decided to quit. Not only that I decided to totally change career fields. I began to work on a career in Law Enforcement and Security. I even spent a lot of time and money on education in this field. I have since worked at 3 other jobs in the Law Enforcement field. I have been 10 times more miserable at all 3 of them and each job seemed to be worse and worse, even though the pay wasn’t bad at this last one. I have applied to several jobs in the field that I thought I would like better and been shut down either due to lack of experience or that someone else was more qualified. So now nearly 3 years later, after spending so much time and money I have come to realize that this field is just not right for me. So now I am going back to the field I once loved. I made a 3 year, $20,000 mistake due to only minor issues with a job. So I can totally understand being miserable at a job and I agree with all the statements made, but just be sure that the grass actually is greener on the other side before you jump over the fence. In my case the grass was dead and now I am running to get back over the fence. Luckily I am able to quit my miserable job and go to nursing school and the entire course is being paid for by my GI Bill benefits. Not only that I will be getting two stipends in addition to my monthly disability check which will be enough to cover all my bills. Not everyone can get this lucky, so again think about your decision.

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