Steampunk Sewer Cleaner

I really like this genre of art — maybe it’s because of my early love of Anime and Myst. Enjoy!

Steampunk sewer cleaner

This piece was built by Alex Holden. Alex says of the project…

The pictured device is a prototype of Joseph Bazalgette’s patent sewer maintenance machine, as demonstrated at the Great Crystal Cyberdrome Exhibition. Its boiler is fired by miasma and it is fitted with a variety of cleaning and pest-control ancillaries. Unfortunately the high manufacturing cost and the temperamental nature of their modified rat brains meant that after the initial batch of fifty had escaped Bazalgette was forced to employ men to maintain London’s sewers. Even today, you can put your ear to a manhole cover in our capital city and hear the distant clanking of brass wheels on brick walkways and the squeal of exterminated rodents.

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3 thoughts on “Steampunk Sewer Cleaner

  1. @Robyn – fun! I wondered if anyone was going to make the Dalek connection. Good for you….that was thew first thing I thought of when I saw this. ha!


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