By E. Brown

Located in Florence KY, in a mall parking lot (of all places) is The Pub. Modeled after authentic British pubs, the proprietor, Nick Sanders, says he liked the traditional pub feel with the modern colonial influence. In the center of The Pub is a large well-crafted and ornate wooden bar. From here you can sample one of many beers. On draft, The Pub offered English, Belgian, Scottish, Irish, and local specialty beers as well as assorted bottled beers. I had a sampler of four quarter-pints. Nicely done, these four glasses allowed me to try several flavors for the cost of one. They were presented on a sheet of paper titled “Beer Sampler”.

I tried the English Boddington’s Pub Ale, the Belgian Stella Artois, the Bellhaven Scottish Ale, and the Irish Smithwick’s. While all were good beers my favorites were easily the Bellhaven and the Smithwick’s.

The food selection was above notch for the usual pub. They included appetizers, soups and salads, hot panini sandwiches, classic pub fare, main entrees, and desserts. I tried the more traditional meal with Bangers and Mash. The sausages were good although they both seemed peppery. The server had told me one was sweet and the other was to be spicy to even out the flavors. I did no find this to be the case. The peas and carrots were of the grocery store frozen food variety and not fresh. They included a nice little salad on the plate with balsamic vinegarette – a refreshing addition. The potatoes were advertised as “chive whipped potatoes” and they were. The chives added a bite to the mash that, with the spicy sausage, seemed to overwhelm the dish.

The Pub menu was fun, conversational, and informative. They included witty quotes, beer definitions, a Monty Python drinking song, and English/Brit word equivalents. As Mr. Sander’s letter to patrons commented on the back of the menu, the atmosphere was fun, friendly, and one of conversations and relationships.

I think I’ll have another Bellhaven!

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