Now, Some Possible Value In Using Twitter

I have questioned the value of Twitter in the past. Well, with a recent acquisition, there may be some value to using/adopting Twitter — especially if you’re in marketing, public relations, or customer service. See Mike Gunderloy’s post on Web Worker Daily:

If you’re a Twitter user you likely saw the news this morning: Twitter bought Summize. The deal, covered on the business level by our parent blog GigaOm, brings Twitter some more smart engineers and a potential route to monetization. But what does it mean to the average web worker?

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One thought on “Now, Some Possible Value In Using Twitter

  1. Hi Eric,

    This is Austin’s friend Ryan. Austin just showed me your blog and I’d thought I’d drop you a comment – this is put together incredibly professionally! My friend John and I just put a blog together ( and have been playing around with using social media sites like Twitter to promote it (so far, StumbleUpon has been the most successful).

    Great site – I’ve got a new blog model to aspire to!


    Ryan Kane

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