By E. Brown

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I was in my local Apple Store today and noticed the line of people waiting to purchase the new 3G iPhone. It was lunch time and they were waiting in line…

Waiting in line!

Where else have you heard of this? The local AT&T Store ran out — everyone was at Apple. Plus, some people said it was easier to get the phone through Apple than AT&T (hint, hint — take notes AT&T).

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You may have read my previous articles about the iPhone. I hoped you listened. If you did, then you are not one that is kicking yourself for having purchased the first generation phone. Although, you might find someone (a Windows user perhaps) that would be willing to buy it from you for $100 and give you a nice down payment on the new iPhone. And hey, this time you have a choice of White or Black :)

So, it comes down to this — I am rethinking the iPhone in this new iteration. Granted, I would probably keep my iPod because it has a heck of a lot more memory and holds every song I own, but this new 8GB iPhone looks pretty sweet for the price…hmmmm….

You may ask, “Are you willing to trade in your current Smart Phone for Apple’s new release?” Yeh, I am willing. I just have a few questions about the email and package pricing. You see, I use Entourage and I want to get my email on the iPhone. Does that mean I have to use Mobile Me? My email is currently through AT&T and I hear you cannot get it without forking out the $100 for Mobile Me.

Help Me
What do you think?

Did you recently purchase a new iPhone? How do you like it? What do you love/hate about it?

What advice would you give me about the new iPhone? Should I get one? Why/why not?

Can I get my Entourage email any other way on an iPhone? Can I sync my Entourage Calendar too?

Let me know here on WeirdGuy!