Summer Movie Line Up

Where has the Summer gone in 2008? So many movies and so little budget or time. While visiting my friend’s blog I was reminded of all there is yet to see. Here are some of my thoughts as well as my friend, Melvin.

Speed Racer: Visually stimulating, has an odd cast. I have not seen it yet, but Melvin says, “Go with low expectations and you’ll have a blast.”

I have heard nothing but good fun about IronMan. I still wanna see it while it’s in the theaters.

I have also seen:

  • Batman The Dark Knight – definitely a “dark” movie with a nihilistic Joker.
  • Kung Fu Panda – Good fun CG movie. My kids love the figures.
  • Prince Caspian, Narnia – Good adaptation of the C.S. Lewis book (not closely followed). See my previous post.
  • Wall*E – I heard mixed reviews about Pixar’s latest release. “Not much dialogue” was a common complaint. However, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the movements and “body language” created all kinds of dialog.
  • Hellboy 2 – Another in a list of good movies directed by Guillermo del Toro.

Still to see: Clone Wars, Indiana Jones, Get Smart, Journey to The Center of The Earth…Hmmm…what else am I missing?


3 thoughts on “Summer Movie Line Up

  1. Eric, I’ll recommend IronMan – it’s by far the most entertaining movie I’ve seen in a while, just a ton of fun. Just saw Batman and thought that was great as well. I’ve wanted to see Hancock but haven’t made it yet.

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