You Too Can Have A New TV With The Zenith HDTV Converter Box

Zenith DTT901 Means a New TV

By E. Brown

Have you filed for your HDTV Converter Box coupon yet?


Well, you should. It’s like getting a brand new television for $20-30!

After I got my coupon card several months ago, I searched around and found a few reviews on CNet for recommended HD Converter boxes. The reviews were older than I liked but there wasn’t much else available at that time. Since then, there are other reviews available on places like Amazon and Happy Iguana’s TV Converter Box Store.

I found a good deal at Circuit City for the Zenith DTT901. The only differences between the 900 and 901 is the sound quality is a bit better and the 901 has the ability to pass analog signals to the TV. This for us was great. We do not have cable service. Although Comcast cable is in our area, we just do not want to pay for it. Frankly, I know myself and I would sit in front of the tube for way to long…my kids would as well. Sorry, but we do not need the temptation of some cable programming. As a result, we spend more time together doing relationship building activities.

Easy Set Up
Armed with the simple set up instructions and an interior wire antenna, we hooked up the converter box and – Tadaa! – instant HDTV! We even get more channels than before :)

I understand as well, from my television-tech friends, that the HD coming over the air waves is a cleaner signal than one coming through a cable. Cool! We have certainly enjoyed watching the Olympics in HD on our “new” TV.

Bottom Line
Apply now, if you have not for the $40 government coupon – you’ll be glad you did!

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5 thoughts on “You Too Can Have A New TV With The Zenith HDTV Converter Box

  1. @Rod – At the time I was researching there were only 4 units that were rated well on CNet. The RCA DTA800 was ranked slightly better, but the user ratings for the Zenith were better.

    At the time of purchase (I waited until the last minute before my coupon expired) the Circuit City only sold the Zenith. I have had good customer service at CC. I did not make my purchase at Best Buy because their customer service has been notoriously poor.

    Also, as mentioned, we did/do not have cable. So I did not need all the “bells and whistles” that other units might have had.

    Check out:
    This has been recently updated
    This says they tested units up to August 2008, but the 901 with pass-through was not listed. They only show the 900 version…hmm….I got the 901 in June 2008.

    Hope this helps!

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