By E. Brown

Every good leader I know, at least the ones worth following, take regular intervals of time for personal introspection. “Well, of course, that’s a good business practice,” you might say. Yet, rarely do people in leadership positions look at their moral compass. That thing inside them that guides their thoughts and consequently their actions throughout the years. Common sense tells us this would be a good exercise, but it sure is hard to put into practice, right?

Why is it hard? That is for you to figure out.

Below I have listed several areas for inspection to encourage you along the way. Set some time aside and reflect on these. It may be hard, because you will not like what you see. That could imply a need for change and change does not come easily, but it can have great rewards.

Self Examination Areas
Personal Life
– What consumes my thought life?
– Do I lie?
– What are the health of my relationships?
– Do I respect the opposite sex?
– Do I want what is not mine?

Public Life
– How do I treat employees?
– How do I treat my peers?
– Do I care about those less fortunate?
– What do I think about the needy?
– Am I genuinely interested in community causes?

Spiritual Life
– How do I use my money?
– What is my attitude toward revenge?
– Am I a hospitable person?
– In all things, what’s my motivation?

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