Are you on a virtual team? Are you amongst the next generation web workers of the world? Then Wiggio is for you!

From Wiggio’s About Page
As seniors at Cornell, we started wiggio out of our own frustrations with unnecessarily clogged inboxes, using five different websites for five different functions, and all the other hassles associated with working in groups. We were tired of sending eleven emails back and forth just to set a meeting time. We were tired of that guy who just never knows where and when to be there. We were tired of list-servs, contact lists, phone-chains and incompatibilities. We wanted everything to be in one place, and we wanted it simple. So we created wiggio.

Wiggio lets you use the following group tools, and it’s all for free!
  • Messages— send mass text messages, voice messages and emails from wiggio
  • Calendar— keep a shared group calendar that will send you text message reminders before all your meetings, practices, rehearsals, games and other events
  • Poll—survey your entire group and get their responses as they answer
  • Folder— dump all your groups’ files into one folder and never send another attachment
  • Meetings— never walk 15 minutes through the snow to get to a 10 minute meeting again… setup free conference calls and web chats on Wiggio
  • Links— keep a shared favorites folder