By E. Brown

It’s funny how many people I speak with that say things like, “I am not creative,” or “I wish I was creative,” or the ever popular, “I do not have a creative bone in my body!” To which I respond, “You’re full of it!…”

…Creativity, that is.

I am a firm believer that everyone IS CREATIVE. Don’t let any art snob tell you differently. Just because you may not play music, perform, paint, draw, or sculpt does not mean you’re not creative. You exhibit creativity every day of your life.

I must say at this point that I do not in anyway endorse illegal forms of creativity. Yet, you must admit, some folks can be very creative in their attempts to break the law.

At WeirdGuy blog we talk a lot about learning, leadership, technology, and more — through the lens of creativity and fun. Solving any problem is a creative process whether it’s a business issue, people issue, technical issue, or any issue for that matter.

How do you teach, train, or communicate? In order to get in touch with your audience you look for creative ways to engage the “student” in learning. You look for creative ways to make learning stick. You want learning to be fun and memorable and to solve performance related problems so you need to use your creativity. There are many others ways too — tell me how you do it in your line of work.

How do you generate income, protect your brand, or market your products? You may hire a creative firm, but the final say is yours, right? You know your audience and you know your culture. How do you keep employees excited and engaged? You allow them to exercise their creativity. How do you use creativity in your business or where you work? Share your ideas here.

How do you scale your technical infrastructure, protect your digital data, or enhance your online environment? I.T. folk rarely see themselves as creative, yet I see incredible forms of creativity in solving many coding and back-end related issues. For example, a UI designer may come up with a hip and cool look for a Web site, but unless the technology supports the graphics, it’s only eye-candy or a pretty picture. What are additional ways your technology team demonstrates creativity? Share with others here.

How do you create community, drive involvement, and foster interaction? You look for creative ways to create and spur dialog. You open the community to forms of creative expression through customization. You look for way to creatively set yourself apart from the other social networks and communities. You look for creative interchange between you and the community members. And, there are more ways to creatively leverage community — share how you do it.

Yes, creativity. How do you foster, manage, and incorporate creativity into your life (work and personal)? What do you do to stay motivated, captivated, and innovative? What kinds of books do you read, music do you listen to, podcasts do you subscribe to, programs and movies do you watch? How do you capture your thoughts and ideas for further inspiration and creative development? Share you examples here.

Bottom line, YOU ARE CREATIVE. Celebrate it. Exercise it. Look for new and fresh approaches to all that you do and above all, have fun while doing so. You’ll find it’s a natural by-product.

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