Rethinking iPhone

When the iPhone first came out I was skeptical about it’s longevity…

As fantastic as the BlackBerry is for letting you connect to your office while you’re on the go, you have to have that office to connect to in the first place. I have a home office so I can telecommute to my Virginia-based job from New Jersey, but lately due to family demands I’ve been out of that office more than I’ve been in it. Next month I’m moving to a different part of New Jersey. The app store convinced me that I can lead a crazy web working life and still get done what needs to get done for my employers without keeping my laptop and its associated gear with me all the time.

Thinking about joining me in switching fruits from berry to apple? Here’s a quick look at what’s to love (and not-so-love) about being a new iPhone owner from the point of view of someone very used to the BlackBerry experience.


Judi Sohn at Web Worker Daily made the switch and lived to tell about it. How about you?

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3 thoughts on “Rethinking iPhone

  1. Funny thing…being somewhat a ‘mac geek’ myself I have not yet purchased an iphone…or even an ipod touch for that matter.

    But…with the introduction of the iphone to Hungary, who happens to be in line to get one?
    My mother-in-law. (the least tech savvy of all people – turns out the company she works for is getting it for her.) She has already asked me to show her the ropes with it…so perhaps I will be able to take it for a spin soon. :)



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