Need A Blogging Strategy For Your Business?

My friend, Justin, published a nice little article on strategies he has been developing for clients. Many companies have Marketing Strategies, PR Strategies, Technology Strategies, Business Strategies, and Learning Strategies, but I do not know any that have Blogging Strategies. This would fit nicely within a Learning Strategy… don’t you think, Justin?

Recently I have been turning my attention to blogging strategy for business. And there are some interesting things to observe out of the process that are a tweak on good old fashioned communications planning.

  1. If multiple blogs are a part of the strategy, you must decide on who the audience is for each one.
  2. Decide who the author/s should be
  3. Determine the appropriate tone of voice
  4. Provide a guide to general direction of the posts and content. If you can outline 50 potential posts before you start you might be onto something – if not, rethink
  5. Consider frequency and quality of posts
  6. Integrity of the blog is very important

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In Learning Strategies we often talk about leveraging Web 2.0 technologies. We often recommend using Blogs, Wikis, Message boards, Chat sessions, and Social Networking. Yet, the idea of a complete strategy around blogging is intriguing.

What do you think?


One thought on “Need A Blogging Strategy For Your Business?

  1. Hi Eric, thanks for enjoying the post. Developing a learning strategy around blogging IS an interesting idea…. increasingly quality blogs (like yours of course!) provide loads of useful and insightful information.

    Many are using knowledge management tools in new ways and we are now starting to see the development of Sharepoint and other enterprise portal products that can imitate the feel of a blog but used within a corporate environment. It becomes a means of unstructured learning – akin to searching for information within an organisation. The hard bit is that often the gold is within the information you didn’t know existed – and in areas that you didn’t know to look.

    i look forward to more from you on this topic, great stuff…


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