Amazon Kindle 2 – Maybe

What do you think — a new version?

After rumors surfaced on the Web a few months back that a new Kindle might be on the way, did its best to shoot them down, saying a new Kindle was not coming this year. Well, Boy Genius Report has gotten ahold of some photos that appear to be the Kindle 2, so we’re curious what Amazon has to say now.

Read more on CNet…

What do you think of the Kindle? I like the Kindle A LOT from what I have seen and read, but it seems very pricey. Kindle owners speak up. Is it really worth the $360 price tag?


4 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle 2 – Maybe

  1. Im interested in this as well, but very skeptical…I love reading anything in long format on paper.
    (If its over a page I print it out…)

    If Apple came out with something…hmmm.
    Would like to give a kindle a test run…to bad you cant go down to your local shop to try it out.
    (Or is there a shop you can do this at?)



  2. I’m thinking of getting a Kindle 2. I’m only 15 so buying a Kindle 2 will suck my wallet dry. Do you think getting a Kindle 2 would be worth it? Should I spend less and buy a Kindle 1? I don’t read story books all that often, but I am thinking of using it for homeschooling and text books. Also, could I edit my blogs through Kindle 2′s internet? I’ve heard its internet is limited, whereas Kindle DX’s internet is more complete. Do you think I should wait until I get enough money to buy a Kindle DX or just get a Kindle 2 now?

    • Hey Little Professor,

      For $260 the Kindle 6″ is definitely nice and worth the money. You cannot edit your blog on it. You can subscribe to other blogs (at a price) and RSS feeds and you can put PDF’s on it. I do not know what the the textbook market looks like for the Kindle. You will want to research that and see if Amazon has copies for download/purchase.

      The only diff I see about the DX is screen size. If you are going to drop almost $500 for a DX then I’d seriously look at the Apple iPad. The only thing about the iPad is that it does not read as well in the sun. I also like the read-to-me feature of the Kindle and that you can get Kindle software for your PC and iPhone and it sync across all of them. iBooks is only for the iPad and I cannot read book on my PC or iPhone with iBooks :(

      Get on the stick, Apple!!

      Check these out for more:

      Let me know what you decide!

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