What’s This Thing About iPhone Retail Prices?

By E. Brown

I took the plunge. I bought a 3G iPhone today. Some might have said, “bad timing” with the expected iPhone Nano announcement, but I needed a phone now. I actually like the bigger phone because I have bigger hands than most.

I’m checking out of the AT&T store and the salesman says, “would you like a case for your iPhone to protect it from drops?” I look at the selection and prices and told him I’d wait. He then went on to say that if the phone got broke somehow I would have to pay an additional $100 (retail price) to replace the phone.

Say WHAT?!

It seems, when you first buy an iPhone, the cost is $100 off the “retail” price after which you are not eligible for the discounted prices for another 21 months.


Maybe I missed some small print somewhere. Where on the Apple site or AT&T site does it say any of this?


One thought on “What’s This Thing About iPhone Retail Prices?

  1. Gratz on your iphone…been playing with my mother-in-laws iphone.
    (quite cool – makes me want to get an ipod touch.)

    As far as AT&T – got rid of my cell phone years ago because of the funky, *surprise* pricing from cell providers. When you said you were wading through AT&T stuff, I wasnt surprised – but Im sure you’ll get it straightened out. :)



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