Why Do You Use Twitter?

You may remember when I first started writing about Twitter and then when I started using it. I have found it fun and interesting using the micro-blog format. It is certainly faster than writing a 200-250 word blog article.

So how about you? Why do you Twitter? Do you like to keep up with friends and family? Do you view it as a “game” wanting to see how many followers you can gain? Do you use it as a form of self-expression or do you think of it as a way of developing community?

Let me know here in the comment section below. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Why Do You Use Twitter?

  1. good question… suppose I do it for the same reason I blog.

    I express my thoughts, rants, & ideas in long form on the blog.
    Extemporaneous thoughts go on twitter which might link to longer thoughts at my blog.

    wordpress & twitter is, more or less, an online journal/diary of sorts.

    Its a means of self expression, for the most part, to muse myself – and if someone happens to wonder and stumble upon it, that is fine…though I haven’t focused on that aspect as I realize how sensitive communication and understanding are with topics I generally like to talk about.

    In truth WordPress is more of an experiment for me to see how people do understand what Im saying, but more to help me better understand how to express myself – realizing though that there will be a limit and a fine line.

    Especially as a lot has to deal with religion, politics, etc. :)



  2. I enjoyed reading your blog and most of your entries are very much related to my line of work and what I have in mind. Thanks for the share.

    On twitter: I joined twitter few days ago and I blogged about it.

  3. I am a telecommute professional, so Twitter is my watercooler. Plus, I have a separate account @Executive_Jobs for RiseSmart networking and marketing, which I just company-branded today! Twitter page redesign is surprisingly fun!

    Hayli Morrison
    Mktg. Comm. Specialist

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