Kindle App On iPhone Misses, But Just Barely

By E. Brown

I installed the Kindle app for the iPhone right after it came out (thanks Ryan Block for the heads up). I then found a free book that I downloaded and was able to play with. Listed below are my first impressions. What are yours?


  • Text sizing
  • Bookmarking
  • Page turning
  • Page scrubbing (page location)
  • Sync with Kindle books


  • Cannot annotate
  • Page will not rotate when I turn iPhone on side
  • Cannot download books directly from Kindle app (like Stanza)

So, what about you? Comment now…


3 thoughts on “Kindle App On iPhone Misses, But Just Barely

  1. tim says:

    you briefly mentioned stanza at the end of your comments.. but i was curious how kindle compares to stanza as an iphone app?

  2. Allen says:

    I like it a lot. There’s zero chance of me dropping $350 for a Kindle, but there are times when I wouldn’t mind having a book in my pocket. This does it just fine for me. It is surprisingly readable, and I was shocked at how fast books are delivered to the device after clicking “send to my device” on Amazon’s site.

    And, as has been widely reported, the power of Kindle isn’t the software, it’s the selection. With hundreds of thousands of Amazon books available (and growing), the Kindle app hit the iPhone ebook market as the immediate leader.

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