By E. Brown

smss_logoLast nights keynote at SMSS09 with Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk) was high energy. The attendees especially liked the Q&A session afterward. Nothing like free business coaching.

Gary spoke for about 45 minutes (too short) but could have gone on for another 45 easily. The tweets were flying throughout the entire session. My take aways from the evening were:

  • Use or you’re making a BIG mistake
  • Facebook Fan pages are far more important than Twitter as an “outpost”
  • Look into and start using Tumblr
  • Live-Streaming has  a huge fan base – leverage it
  • Take ownership of your online brand
  • Always have an affirmative call-to-action on your “homebase” (e.g. blog, homepage, etc.)
  • Capture your visitors
  • Work hard, but be sure to spend time with your family
  • Enjoy what you are doing — be passionate about it

I am looking forward to the next group of sessions regarding LinkedIn and Facebook. I’ll keep you updated.

Have fun!

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