Are You A Dreamer?

Do you feel misunderstood?

Do you have trouble remembering details and instructions?

Do you love positive feedback, yet not desire to conform to the cultural mold of expectations?

You are not alone.

Lately, I have been doing reading about cognitive styles. Primarily, there is plenty of information about strong-willed children/adults and High-D personalities as well as compliant children/adults. Yet, there is little information out about “Dreamers.”

Dr. Dana Spears and Dr. Ron Braund have a very interesting book on Dreamers, the passionate-creative-culture-changers of the world. Join me soon for a more in depth look at this type of individual and see if you are a mold breaker.


4 thoughts on “Are You A Dreamer?

  1. Eric, I think maybe I’m a dreamer who didn’t allow myself to dream enough, never could figure out the how to part,spent years struggling against impossible odds. Yet I’m been surviving by the work of my own creativity…go figure.

  2. Hey Bill, thanks for sharing that. It can be hard when you are a dreamer that is filled with ideas to sort through them all and to allow some dreams to die. Yet, do not let that discourage you from passionately pursuing those dreams rooted in purpose and high ideals. Seeing what is and what could be give dreamers their drive.

    Keep dreaming! -eb

  3. Been dreaming for 60 years and just now am understanding how to put legs to them. Though, a few dreams I have pursued have come to fruition. My wife is one – waited for her all my life. As a servant of a nonprofit, I’ve been converting many dreams for people into reality. Now, if I can just find someone who can use a very creative vocalist & blues harp player to make a few happy million…

  4. @Lee L: A blues harp? Now that is cool! I had a friend who wanted to play blues french horn.

    Keep dreaming for yourself and others. What a great legacy to have.


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