eBooks and eLearning – Finally!

By E. Brown

Now, a group who “gets it!” CourseSmart has released this movie of how eBooks are going to change and adapt — they have to — for the next generation of reader and learner. Also, the rumors of the Apple “iSlate” make this reality a lot closer than you might think. So, where might this leave the Kindle? You be the judge.

Do you think there will be a market for this product? How do you think it will revolutionize learning?

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3 thoughts on “eBooks and eLearning – Finally!

  1. I have been using a slate Tablet PC to do exactly this since 2002. The big concern I have over this video (and the rumours of Apple’s tablet) is the lack of ink support using a stylus. I use my tablet for hand written notes constantly, and believe the lack of the ability to take notes, and to annotate mark-up documents in an intuitive way would be a severe limitation (and trying to write with your finger is not effective).

    The fact is, these devices SHOULD have revolutionized learning (and other fields) several years ago, but Microsoft’s marketing of the platform’s capabilities has be sad to say the least.

  2. Fred, I agree with you on the annotation aspect. Although, while on the Kindle you can bookmark, highlight, and make notes, it is nowhere as easy as scribbling in the margins of your own book with your own handwriting. Apple may have something VERY comparable if they utilize similar handwriting technologies they had in the old Apple Newton.

    What I am really excited about is the potential for media rich interactive learning experiences and not just the traditional eBook or eLearning as we know it today. There is a lot of fun potential here and I for one will be excited to get involved.

    Thanks for the thoughtful comment,

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