Apple iOS 6If you are amongst the bleeding edge tech hounds that need to be first for every little gadget and upgrade, you might want to rethink updating to iOS 6 until Apple has worked out the kinks. In our culture of “it’s shiny, it’s new so upgrade now!” this particular case can be hazardous (or at least VERY stressful) to your health.

Amongst many of the issues reported, those of us that use our smartphones for business and work will find these issue noted below particularly painful:

  • Apple Maps – yes, 3D is cool but tell me where I am and how to get where I need to go = fail!
  • Passbook – nice idea but doesn’t work = fail!
  • WiFi – the most egregious of all because it’s not connecting = major fail!
  • Music – disappearing artists, songs, and playlists = fail!

While we love the hype, the energy, and excitement of new Apple roll outs, this kind of roll out is embarrassing. My recommendation is to wait until the kinks are worked out and then upgrade to iOS 6. You’ll be less stressed and your family and friends will like you.