By E. Brown

Illusion by Frank PerettiEver since I read This Present Darkness I have been a fan of Frank Peretti. I think I have read all of his novels. Every time I read one of his new stories I am intrigued by the subject matter and the subtle plot twists Peretti makes as he weaves his unfolding tale and memorable characters together. Like the previous works, Peretti’s newest novel does not disappoint. Illusion, is another excellent book you’ll want to add to your reading list.

While I would classify many of his other books as supernatural thrillers, his last book, Monster, and this one I would call more of a psychological science thriller. “How so?” you might ask. Well, I cannot say too much without giving away the surprises within Illusion.

The story begins with a crash – literally, and then begins to piece together fragments of story lines until the climactic finale. One fragment is Dane, half of the magic act of Dane and Mandy. With the loss of his wife he has become despondent and depressed. Moving into the house he and his wife had bought for retirement, Dane attempts to find new relevance for living while mourning for his former love.

Another fragment is Mandy. She feels displaced in time. Everyone and everything she has ever known seems to have disappeared or changed. But, there is one love that has been consistent in her turbulent life and it is her love and wonder of magic.

The last fragment is The Machine. What is it the machine? How does it hold sway over the lives of these characters? Can it be or should it be stopped?

All these elements make for a fast paced intertwining roller coaster ride. You will ascend slowly as anticipation builds but once the story hits its stride you will not want to put the book down. In Illusion, Peretti weaves a masterful tale of love, longing, faith, and discovery amidst chaotic and, sometimes, catastrophic events.

Pick up a copy for your Summer reading and enjoy Illusion.


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