I came across this post on We Can Only Be The Future. The article resonated with me as I had a very similar discussion at lunch today with a tech recruiter. Here are a few nuggets:

  • Articulate your organization’s UX strategy in a manner that illuminates the challenges and opportunities that would be involved in me, taking a career step in your direction. Be bold, explicit, brief and transparent.
  • Great UX comes from people committed to helping others meet challenges and achieve their goals. Tell me how you set up employees for success and are committed to increasing opportunities for me to help create value.
  • Let the people I would interact with most often and that I will rely on if I join the team, write the majority of the job description and be involved in the process of interviewing me.
  • Although there is an passionate debate about the boundaries of User Experience Design, there is little debate about what UX Is NOT. Avoid any language or responsibilities that makes it look like your concept of UX is Programming, Business Analysis, Web Design, Marketing, Project Management, Community Management or, Sales….

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