The new Creatives Lead Companion Workbook is now available in both paperback and digital ebook formats. The list price is $19.99 for both versions. If you own a copy of Creatives Lead, you can get a 50% off discount for the ebook version.

Companion Workbook Cover

Early readers of Creatives Lead asked for a convenient place to house all the notes, worksheets, templates, and practical applications from the book. I took that feedback to heart and began working on this workbook.

While the book has examples of the templates and worksheets, the companion workbook houses all these and additional resources. For instance, there are fourteen Team Profile Sheets (TPS), a weeks worth of To-Do and Not-To-Do lists, four quarterly assessments, interviewing templates, exercise routines, creativity handouts, and lots more (see slideshow below).

Use this must-have companion workbook for yourself or get one for each upcoming leader you are mentoring on your team.