I cannot believe, I finally finished writing the third resource for Creatives Lead. The Creatives Lead Discussion Guide is now undergoing final proofing and edits.

Coming Soon!

This resource was created at the request of readers like you! Many who have read, and are reading, Creatives Lead have said they are being mentored by another leader or part of a leadership book club. As such, this new book will guide potential and new leaders through a series of discussions where they can learn with and from others.

The first book, Creatives Lead, generated requests for a workbook, to compile the weekly applications and worksheets. And, the Creatives Lead Companion Workbook was born!

Like the workbook, HR departments and other leaders have requested a resource that they can take new and potential leaders through. This new discussion guide works in tandem with Creatives Lead and creates a richer experience as leaders share, learn, and grow together.

If you are a leader, mentor, coach, or facilitator, this resource is for you! Visit creativeslead.com or subscribe to my weekly email list to get free resources and stay up to date on new books and training. Get your copy of Creatives Lead Discussion Guide soon.