By E. Brown

Timez Attack - Fun In LearningFrom Big Brainz comes acclaimed edutainment game, Timez Attack. Where else can you see response like this to a Math game:

My son actually paid for half of the program himself! Do you think any kid would do THAT for a set of flashcards?!
Nancy Salacinski, Montana

I am a second grade teacher… My daughter in fourth grade begs to play this the moment we get home. My older middle school daughter also wants to play because it looks so cool. My teenager who is 17 had friends over the other day. It even spellbound them!!!
Nicole Schmidt

Timez Attack - Fun In LearningBig Brainz has created a game that engages learners on multiple levels. Timez Attack is fun to play and explore:

  • It is a high-end video game, not unlike what you’d see on a PlayStation.
  • There is a competitive aspect to the game that keeps you coming back for more.
  • There are repetitive sequences set up to reinforce learning and retention.
  • There are changing environments to keep the learner engaged.

This game has an excellent blend of teaching and game play. Some edutainment titles lean too heavily on the entertainment side and consequently, the learning is lost in light of the storyline.

Timez Attack - Fun In LearningIf you have never seen or played Timez Attack, you can download a free version (without changing environments) or you can purchase the full version for $40 which will give you the dungeon, Mechanized World, and Lava World.

While Timez Attack is for learning the multiplication tables only, I sure hope Big Brainz has more topics they are exploring. This is fun learning done right!

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