Your Virtual Snowglobe

Your Virtual Snowglobe

For the holidays, here is your very own virtual snowglobe at AlbinoBlackSheep by E-Tractions. Try it out for yourself. You can shake it and watch the snow and little people in side go swirling about, screaming helplessly! What fun! Or, you can sit and watch what happens as the inhabitants interact within the globe. The music is fun but can become a tidbit annoying. Regardless, here is my gift to you!

Ho! Ho! Ho!


3 thoughts on “Your Virtual Snowglobe

  1. Hi Eric, you left me a comment on – I happily added your blog to my blogroll – I would be delighted if you’d return the favour. keep up the good (weird) work. best xmas wishes, xizao (aka m birkenkrahe)

  2. Tina says:

    Seasons Greetings!
    Please tell me where I can download the virtual snow globe and shake it around myself. All of the links that I have found are no longer working or just have a small video clip of it.
    Warm regards,

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