7 Best Words for LeadersBy E. Brown

Anne Zelenka recently posted an article on the Quantity vs. Quality of friendships online. Her article was in response to another article by Steve Rubel, who feels that the Web is making friendships “more about quantity and less about quality.”

I, for one, was glad to see Anne circle back around at the end of here article to say:

“The most human value still comes from authentic one-on-one connections.”

It is interesting to me that people feel they can be more transparent online than in real life. Is that because of the internet or because of poor social skills?

If we are more transparent with friends online than to their face, what does say about the quality of the relationship?

Does the internet and online social media allow for quantity and quality friendships? Are we fooling ourselves and redefining “friendship” to be a little less personal?

What do you think?

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