Environmental Stewardship

Environmental StewardshipIn his book, Saving God’s Green Earth, author Tri Robinson defines Environmental Stewardship as:

Environmental stewardship is the idea that we should care for, manage, and nurture what we have been given.

Tri goes on to say, we have four major areas that require our attention when it comes to environmental stewardship:

Resource and Provision – we must understand that environmental stewardship views nature as a resource and provision.

Accountability – there must be a balance between the use and protection of the environment.

Miracle – we must see the splendor and beauty of nature as we look at the miracle of our environment.

Passing It Down – stewardship is a value to be passed down from generation to generation.

As we understand our role in stewardship, we can then start making an impact within our sphere of influence. While I was recently at Callaway Gardens, the ranger made this comment –

Start small. Start in your own back yard. One back yard at a time can help toward changing a community. One community at a time can help toward changing a city. One city at a time can help toward changing a State….

You get the idea.

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