Green, Greener, Greenest

By E. Brown

As Kermit, the frog, rightfully says, “It’s not easy being green.”

Look around and you will see more and more “green” technology taking shape. The new buzz word in global business and tech is GREEN. Cover stories are popping up green. China is feverishly working on cleaning up their environment and waste. I even saw a television commercial the other night from Wal-Mart about “green” pajamas and I have several friends that are starting up eco-friendly initiatives.

Are you going green? It’s kinda like trying to eat healthy — it does not come naturally. Conservation, recycling, and low energy emissions are not easy for us. Plus, it seems to cost more to be environmentally friendly…or does it? I think you’ll find that in the long run, it is actually cheaper and better to go green.

The Comparison of Eating Healthy
If you eat unnatural processed food a lot (and why not? It’s quick and easy, right?) you’ll very possibly find yourself visiting the doctor or hospital with adult onset diabetes, high levels of cholesterol, autoimmune issues, allergies, or the like. Add up those doctor visits and that is expensive! You might say, “Yes, but it all evens out in the financial long run,” and you may be right but, I’d rather live healthy and energized during my time here on Earth, than not. How about you?

So, Back To Green…
Whether you’re undecided or powering your home with solar panels, below is a list of Green resources to encourage you to learn more. Pick a few items and try them out. You will often find that many of the products you buy will have a portion of the profits helping needy areas around the world.

Weekly Grist (Entertaining Green News and Commentary)
– Begin recycling (separating paper, aluminum, and plastics)
– Get outdoors to play and exercise

Life On Terra (Offers a great podcast as well on iTunes)
– Carpool to work
– Buy energy efficient lightbulbs
– Recycle as a company/business

– Plant a garden
– Get an Energy Audit
– Get involved in environmental projects
– Become a conscientious consumer

Tell me some of the sites, blogs, and resources you recommend.