By Mark van’t Hooft

It’s in your pocket: teaching spectacularly with cell phones. Great speech by Hall Davidson from Discovery Education Network about using mobile phones in education, the kind of talk many teachers and administrators need to hear. The first thing Hall said was to take out and turn on our cell phones D

There is a large potential for cell phones in education, but current best practices are small. Mobiles have lots of functionality, including:

  • Telephone
  • Text messenger
  • Still camera
  • Video camera
  • Video player
  • GPS device
  • Podcaster
  • Music player

Are we really going to ignore a device this powerful? Can we, when it has all kinds of applications for teaching, learning, school-to-home, administration?

In general, we still take cell phones away, and school districts ban them (e.g. during school hours). However, if this is a tool for adults, we need to teach kids how to use it.

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