Blogging Is Dead, Long Live Twitter!

By E. Brown

Really? Who says, blogging is dead? Maybe it was Jason Calacanis. Well, if you’re Jason and your tired of writing lengthy content…yeh, blogging is probably dead for you. Twitter is short, sweet, and to the point. And, it doesn’t hurt if you have a following or are seen as a bit of a celebrity.

Well…it makes all the difference!

If you’re an average person, what do you care? If you’re blogging for your family and friends, then guess what? Blogging is not dead. If you’re tweeting for family and friends, good for you. Although, I question whether your family is reallt interested in where you are at any given time or how many times cute-little-Suzy rolled peas up into her 8-month-old mouth (See Twitter Is For The ADD Generation).

Sorry Jason, blogging is not dead. Twitter is fun for some, but it will soon be replaced by a type of video tweeting and live friend0finder mash-ups.

What do you think? Take the poll or make a comment.

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4 thoughts on “Blogging Is Dead, Long Live Twitter!

  1. I have no idea what the fascination is with Twitter. It’s like virtual voyeurism. I really don’t care if you had fried chicken for dinner, and that’s the kind of nonsense you get with Twitter.

    Twitter will replace blogging only for the people who are too lazy to write out a complete thought. We keep moving further and further to the lowest common denominator of communication. Eventually, Twitter will be replaced with some kind of short hand communication. It’s quicker to write letters instead of words. Crazy.

  2. twitter is dead…signed up and dont use it. lol

    Seriously though, twitter and blogging are really two different beast.
    They both have a purpose and really do not overlap each other at all.
    (But then again, it all depends on what Twittering and blogging mean to the individual – if your creative you can get them both to work for you.)

    But overall, the way most people seem to be using twitter – to update when they are using the W/C, etc. is a waste of something that has some cool potential. ;)
    (At the same time, I have to remind myself it is entertaining for the younger generation…so again, it has its place for the individual using it.)



  3. Mark says:

    Twitter reminds me of the senseless overuse of the cellphone as practiced by people who feel the need to have constant, pointless conversation. At some point, this was more common because cheap minutes were something of a novelty. Now that everyone has access, I notice less of this behavior. Maybe Twitter will become to common to be cool, too?

    • @Mark Yeh, I have been involved in Twitter now for a few months. It has been interesting to see how it interacts with Facebook and the views it generates from there than anything – at least for me.


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