Angel’s Thai restaurant in Olympia, Washington leaves much to be desired. While the menu certainly has a wide variety, the prices are consistently steep for what you get. $10 for a salad! $12 for the average entrée! Surprisingly, the items that were not overpriced were the drinks.

I had green tea to drink. The tea came quickly. When the waitress brought it she set the cup and pot down without filling the cup. She simply left. Not to wait on another table — it was not a particularly busy night — but to go back to the open kitchen to talk to another waitress.

No extra-mile service here.

I let it sit a moment while I added a few notes to my Blackberry. By the time I tried my tea, it was lukewarm — not hot.


The menu had pictures of most entrées. It was difficult to tell the size of the decorative dish, but for $12 it should have been a larger portion.

The food came out quickly. It should have, with only 3 of the 22 tables in the establishment occupied. I had the spicy Pad Kee Mow. The food was hot and had a good blend of spices with beef, vegetables, and flavorful noodles. Unfortunately, the taste was tainted by the prices, cold green tea, and poor service.

Only once did the waitress come by to ask how my meal was. When it was obvious I was done, there was no offer for dessert, coffee, or refill on tea. As for the tea, it could have been because I had left so much of it untouched — perhaps the waitress didn’t think I wanted more.

It is unlikely I will visit here again. I will be surprised if this establishment survives another year without making some significant changes to customer service.

Attention to detail – make sure food is right before bringing it out to the customer and make sure that what is advertised is what is delivered.

Wait staff training – be professional and attentive, take the initiative and up-sell and suggest menu items.

Lower prices – knocking off $3 alone would be huge.

Rethink the kitchen – with the kitchen being open it can be frustrating for a customer to see their waitress goofing off in back when they need water refilled — put up a partition.

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